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Preferred Pediatricians

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Spend a few minutes here getting to know my favorite Pediatricians. What makes them my favorites has everything to do with how they relate to families, and to children. Also, as you might have guessed, how they support and protect breastfeeding! The doctors listed here are the best of the best, in my opinion (and in the opinion of more than a few of my clients!) Consider this page an Opinion Piece, not a recommendation letter. I'm always asked "Who do you like? Who have you had good experiences with?" Well, here they are. My favorite Doc's!

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Dr. Dennis Moore MD


Another wonderful doctor from Foothills Pediatrics. Very kind and caring. An excellent listener, a Dr. who really cares about what you envision for the care of your child. Dr. Moore is also very supportive of breastfeeding and also brings a unique insight into children with special needs, as he himself is the father of a child with autism. Dr. Moore is fun, and upbeat, with a great personality and a relaxed overall attitude, which he bring right into the exam room with him. can be found at Foothills Pediatrics. Call (702) 614-5437 for an appointment. He has many locations throughout the Las Vegas Valley. At this time, HMO insurances are not accepted.

Dr. Pam Greenspon MD


I can't say enough about Dr. Greenspon. What a fantastic person. Very caring and on top of her game. My clients, and I personally, have been nothing but happy with her. She offers caring, concern, and expert medical advice and caring to all her patients and their families. She is extremely breastfeeding supportive, going so far as to be a member of the Breastfeeding Taskforce Of Nevada. Dr. Greenspon is a wonderful choice for a family Pediatrician. Dr. Greenspon practices through Desert Pediatrics. She can be reached at (702) 641-2150

Dr. Tony Bakerink MD

Click The Photo To Visit Wee Care Pediatrics Site!

Dr. Bakerink is another pediatrician that has brought rave reviews from my clients. Support for breastfeeding is a big priority for Dr. Bakerink. I have also heard great things about him in regards to selective vaccinating, or non-vaccinating. The reviews that I have heard of him are that he is very easy to talk to, is a great listener, and is a kid favorite! Dr. Bakerink can be found at Wee Care Pediatrics. The telephone number there is 702-889-8444.

Dr. Dahlia Wachs MD


I have had many clients who are patients of Dr. Wachs who have been very pleased with her. They find her very easy to talk with, and an excellent listener. The overall opinion has been that she is a doctor who cares very much for her little patients, who is very knowledgable, and compassionate. She can be reached at 702-562-8800

Dr. James McGhee MD MPH FAAP


Dr. James McGhee comes with high recommendations from many of my clients. They find him very approachable, very real, and very smart. They like that he treats them with respect, and their children as they are his most important patient! Dr. McGhee can be found at Siena Pediatrics. You can call 702-248-7337 for an appointment today!

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