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Are you the owner of a small business, or a corporation, looking to make your environment more accepting of the working breastfeeding mom?

mother going back to work with her child

Would you like to know how supporting breastfeeding financially benefits your company and positively affects the global environment?

Do you want to know how to best support the back to work moms in your company?

Are you a mom going back to work, who needs help to approach her company about working and pumping? Then you have come to the right place!

Contact me today to discuss how you can best implement a Corporate Lactation Program for your business! I'm here to help you get things off the ground!

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CALL OR TEXT: 702-217-4289




Are you a business owner or manager who wants to become Family Friendly by welcoming nursing mothers into your place of business in a warm and inviting way?

Do you want women to feel comfortable shopping in your store, eating in your restaurant, without feeling they need to leave just because they need to rest and nurse their child?

Let Breastfeeding Mothers in your city know that they are welcome in your establishment!

Click here to download internatinally recognized signs to display at your business.