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Some Common Questions & Answers
Does my visit with you mean that I don't need to discuss all this with my Doctor? Absolutely NOT! Your Pediatrician and Family Doctors should always be made aware that you are taking a breastfeeding class, and to expect breastfeeding related questions from you, on a regular basis. Your Pediatrician should ALWAYS be told if you have a home visit, and what was discussed, and what your plans are. Any sort of breast illness or breastfeeding challenge should always be fully discussed with your family doctor. Any recommendation made to you by your family doctor should supersede any advice you receive from me, as they know you most initmately, and are your Primary Care Physician. I should be considered "Breastfeeeding Support", not your Primary Care Provider. I am here to support you, teach you, give you good, up to date and accurate information, instruction, and perhaps give you talking points to discuss with your doctor. I am in no way a replacement for your Primary Healthcare Provider's care.
Will I really hurt my breastfeeding relationship by choosing to use bottles? The choice to use a bottle with your breastfed baby in the early days (first 4 weeks) is one that needs to be undertaken with great thought and consideration. It's not something to just walk into lightly, as for some babies, it can have very damaging and difficult repercussions, such as breast refusal, and nipple flow preference).
Sometimes, the choice to use a bottle is not left up to you. Sometimes, a bottle is given in the hospital because baby or mother are ill and breastfeeding is not possible. Sometimes, baby is given a bottle in the hospital without the knowledge or consent of the parents. Sometimes, a bottle is given by a well meaning family member while mom is resting, to allow her a longer nap. Sometimes, a baby cannot latch on due to a facial anomaly, or a mismatch between the babies mouth and the mother's nipple size. There are many reasons a bottle is given in those early days.
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Are all bottles bad? Well, no, not all are BAD per say, in regards to their effect on breastfeeding, but some definitely get a much lower acceptability score than others. Here is my little list, least to most preferred. I want to state clearly, this is my OPINION, based on what I have seen with clients. Other Lactation Professionals might disagree with my findings completely, and have their own preferences.
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Are you the owner of a small business, or a corporation, looking to make your environment more accepting of the working breastfeeding mom? Contact me today to discuss how you can best implement a Corporate Lactation Program for your business! I'm here to help you get things off the ground!
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