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Need help? Call or Text Zena: 702.217.4289        


How Can I Help?

Call Me If You or Baby (Have)...

    * Multiples
    * Prematurity
    * Are Hospitalized
    * Fears of not enough milk
    * Baby fussy at the breast
    * Colic
    * Fears of too much milk
    * Can't get baby to latch
    * Pain with latching on
    * Pain while breastfeeding
    * Having a hard time getting baby in the right position
    * Sore Nipples
    * Sore Breasts
    * Refusing the breast
    * Pumping not going well or taking too long
    * Feeding "constantly" or "for a long time"
    * Falls asleep at breast after only a 2-5 minutes.
    * Using bottles, and you want to get rid of them

help nursing

All of my classes and breastfeeding support services are offered in the privacy of your own home or hospital room. It has long been my belief that families are more open to new information when they are in their most comfortable environment, their homes. Also, by taking your class, or receiving breastfeeding support in your own home, you will learn positioning techniques using your own sofa, your own easy chair, your own bed, your own pillows and other support items. This can only be of benefit to you once baby is home. We do offer in-hospital services for families that are simply not getting the help they need.

Pre-Natal, In-Home Standard Breastfeeding Session

Learn how to keep breastfeeding easy with a private class for you and your family. Ask whatever you like in the privacy of your home. Learn how to get off to an easy and enjoyable breastfeeding relationship with your baby. Learn what and how to avoid the common pitfalls that can make breastfeeding painful and difficult. For all types of circumstances. ei. high risk birth such as prematurity, multiples, disabled, breast surgery, etc.

Before Baby Comes Home Adoptive or Surrogacy Breastfeeding

Yes, adoptive moms, and moms that bring their children home through surrogacy can and should nurse the new baby! There is nothing like the mother baby bond created through breastfeeding. You can bring in milk, and CAN breastfeed your new baby, even if you have never been pregnant before, and your baby isn't a newborn! If it proves not possible to bring in a full or partial milk supply, you can STILL nurse the baby through the use of a Lactation Aid AKA Breastfeeding Supplementer. Babies LOVE to nurse from their mothers, they love everything about it. Don't let a lack of your own milk take that away from you. Breastfeeding is about so much more than just breast milk. Call me, and I'll help get you where you want to be!

Postpartum In-Home Breast Pumping Class

There is indeed an art to getting the most from breast pumping in as little time as possible. In this class (Pump Required) you will learn how to make certain your pumping parts fit your body properly, how to pump to best remove milk, pumping for the hospitalized and/or non-nursing baby, exclusive pumping (when breastfeeding from the breast is not possible) and more! Or if you are returning to work, all the tricks to make it a much easier transition that weaning would be!

Postpartum In-Home/In-Hospital Breastfeeding Support Services

Private, personal breastfeeding support for you and your new baby. Be it in your first hours or days home, a few weeks down the line, or even a few months along the way, whenever the need is there for in-home professional breastfeeding support, I'm here for you. If the breastfeeding support and/or information you are receiving in the hospital is not quite what you expected, or what you need it to be, or maybe the nurses are lacking the time and attention that you and your baby require (and deserve!) please call, and I'll be there to give you the one-on-one support you need and deserve.

Services Needed
Breastfeeding Hospital Visits You need assistance now! Having/had a c-section and your milk isn't in yet? Nurses suggesting to supplement with formula? First time mom or nursing? Just have new mom jitters? I can help immediately!!

For 1 hour of service.

Breastfeeding In-Home Visit - Postpartum For all types of circumstances. Feel something is just not right, having difficulties latching on, need some pointers, support, reassurance, these are the sessions for you.

Average visit is 1.5 - 2 hours.**



In-Home Follow-Up Session

**For 1 hour session after first initial visit (see above**)

In-Home Breast Pumping or
Returning to Work Class - Postpartum
If you find yourself needing to return to work and/or need help in finding the best way to use your breast pump, these are the sessions for you.

These are 1 hour classes.


In the 13 years that I have been counseling women, I have found that follow-up visits are necessary for fixing breastfeeding issues. Therefore, I recommend and offer these special package deals:

Package Deals
Package 1 TWO visits for you to use when and how you like. $160
Package 2 THREE visits for you to use when and how you like. $190
Package 3 FOUR visits for you to use when and how you like. $245
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These package visits can be used anyway you like.

For example: