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Many of us are visual learners. We are not "book people". If it doesn't come in a DVD, it will just sit and collect dust on a shelf. I can absolutely relate to this, and so, it is with great honor, that I present the very best of Gentle Birth and Breastfeeding DVD's available today!
As with my SNBS Book Store, all profits received from the Amazon Affilliates Program, obtained by SNBS when you purchase your item by following a link here at SNBS, will go back into providing free services to local teen moms (18 and under) in the Las Vegas Metro Area and Henderson.
Thank you so much for your support of SNBS, and enjoy your learning journey!

Gentle Birthing

The Business Of Being Born: Ricki Lake

Gentle Birth Choices: Barbara Harper

Click HERE to browse the full selection of Waterbirth and Gentle Birth DVD's at Waterbirth International. These DVD's are not available through, and SNBS does not receive financial benefit from the sale of these DVD's. They are a bit more of a financial investment, but SO amazing to see!

Hypbirth: Childbirth Preparation Kit

Learning To Breastfeed Successfully!


Dr. Jack Newman's Visual Guide To Breastfeeding
I will say it right here and now, this is my FAVORITE breastfeeding DVD. It just doesn't get better than Dr. Jack Newman. It just doesn't. Dr. Newman's DVD is only available through his website, so please click on the DVD photo to visit his website, watch a clip, and purchase this DVD.
SNBS does not receive financial benefit from the sale of this DVD.

Breastfeeding Basics: Motherof7.Com

Breastfeeding Comprehensive:

Breastfeeding Intensive:

Breastfeeding FAQ's:

Gentle Parenting Picks!

The Happiest Baby On The Block On DVD

The Happiest Toddler On The Block

Infant And Child CPR Instruction

Sign With Your Baby: Dr. Joseph Garcia

Vaccinations? By Dr. Jay Gordon

Baby Massage Therapy

Parenting Picks On VHS!

Sign With Your Baby: Dr. Garcia

Infant Emegencies and CPR

Postnatal Yoga and Infant Massage

Happiest Baby On The Block: Dr. Harvey Karp

Infant Massage Instruction