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Local Birth, Pregnancy, and Breastfeeding Resources

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Local Las Vegas and Henderson Breastfeeding
& Natural Parenting Resources


Well Rounded Momma! The Well Rounded Momma (WRM) Center is a service and training based organization dedicated to offering women mind & body awareness during the transition to motherhood. We take a holistic and fact based approach to childbirth, fitness and wellness services providing a well rounded experience for families. Our team of birth professionals came together to create a safe and nurturing environment that offers a variety of premium services, classes, workshops, and products to expecting mothers and their families.


Angel Breast Pumps! The very best in breast pump rentals! Barbara provides her clients with exceptional customer service, pumps always in perfect working order, and timely support! I refer ALL my clients with rental needs to Barbara. She's my favorite!

La Leche League of Las Vegas. AMAZING support for breastfeeding moms from all walks of life!

La Leche League Of Southern Nevada. AMAZING support for breastfeeding moms from all walks of life!

LVAP! Las Vegas Attachment Parenting Group! This is a group for AP families around the Las Vegas valley. There are no strict rules, membership fees or min. meet up requirements. This is just a safe place to call "home." A place to chat with other AP families. We will have AP type events listed on our calendar if you'd like to attend. We'd love to have anyone that is already living as AP parents as well as those interested in learning more about Attachment Parenting. Welcome to your group!


Birth Year Network! An incredible health care provider resource for natural minded Las Vegas and Henderson families! Not to be missed! So much to see here!

The Birth Source! A wonderful website to help you find a local healthcare provider that will meet your natural minded families needs!

Join The Breastfeeding Task Force Of Nevada! Support Breastfeeding In Your State!!

Join Las Vegas Informed Mom! A wonderful online community of local moms, who parent from the heart, and with and informed mind!

Diva Mama's! Women, mothers, seekers - Divas! - are welcome to join. Las Vegas area activities with an Earth-based, child-friendly mindset, plus outings just for mamas. Looking for women who want to live life as an experience, not an existence.