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Breastfeeding Support: The Best Investment!

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Private Classes and In-Home or /In-Hospital Visits

 In Home Pre-Natal Breastfeeding Class
For all types of Circumstances 

Postpartum In-Home Breast Pumping or
Returning to Work Class 

These are 1 hour classes.



 In-Home Breastfeeding Support Services

Home Visit Fee Scale
$125 (avg. visit 1.5 - 2 hours)

In the 13 years that I have been counseling women, I have found that follow-up visits necessary for fixing breastfeeding issues.  Therefore, I recommend and offer...

Reduced priced packaged visits!
2 Visits for $160
3 Visits for $190
5 Visits for $245 (yes, that is getting an extra visit FREE!)

These can be used anyway you would like.
For example: 1st visit could be a in-home prenatal class
                        2nd visit could be with in the first day or two of birth
                        3rd visit could be about a week before going back to work.

OR if baby's already here and you're having difficulties.  The visits can be every other day, daily, or however you want!
We just want to be sure that you and baby learn well with out pain to assure you are both on your way to EASY BREASTFEEDING!!!

Remember, it's not supposed to hurt
to breastfeed your new baby.
If you are not enjoying breastfeeding get help today!
It's too important to you and your baby to risk losing.

Zena Kay, IBCLC, RLC