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My Favorite Breastfeeding & Parenting Links

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Welcome to my links page! Here you will find links to all sorts of sites that give solid breastfeeding information and advice, breastfeeding support, attachment parenting support and advice, breastfeeding and attachment parenting advocacy, and some great places to buy some awesome products!!

Breastfeeding Specific Links

Dianne Wiessinger IBCLC. Common Sense Breastfeeding!



Dr. Jack Newman. A Pioneer In Breastfeeding!  His DVD is incredible!

Dr. Sears.: America's Attachment Parenting Pediatrician!

Ask Lenore offers AMAZING Support For Adoptive Nursing Moms!

The Adoptive Breastfeeding Resources Website. INCREDIBLE Resource.

Are you planning to breastfeed after a breast reduction? Then you're a BFAR Mom!

Hidden Hindrances To A Healty Milk Supply

*Various Attachment Parenting Links*