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The Breastfeeding Clinic At Foothills Pediatrics

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SNBS's previous owner, Tami Schlosser CLC CLE, 
is now running The Breastfeeding Clinic At Foothills Pediatrics!
It is with much pride and excitement that 
Dr. Ralph Conti MD and Tami Schlosser CLC CLE announce the full time opening of The Breastfeeding Clinic at Foothills Pediatrics! 

This opening is the compilation of 2 years of planning, love and care, and all Las Vegas families have the potential to benefit from this wonderful personalized and unique service!


The Breastfeeding Clinic at Foothills Pediatrics Is Now Open Full Time!
Do you see a Foothills doctor? 
The Breastfeeding Clinic at Foothills Pediatrics is for you!

The Breastfeeding Clinic at Foothills Pediatrics is now open to all families who see any Foothills doctor, no matter which clinic location you utilize. The Breastfeeding Clinic at Foothills Pediatrics is located at our Southern Hills location, found behind Southern Hills Hospital in Southwest Las Vegas. 

The Breastfeeding Clinic at Foothills Pediatrics is completely unique in that it is the ONLY Breastfeeding Clinic located within a Pediatric Practice in all of Las Vegas, Henderson and Boulder City. ONLY Foothills Pediatrics offers this wonderful service to it's families. 

Foothills Pediatrics wants you to know that they truly support breastfeeding, and breastfeeding mothers 100%, by providing professional in-house breastfeeding services to all of it's families!

"Why Should I See Tami At The Breastfeeding Clinic?"
  • Trouble or pain latching on
  • Pain during or after feedings
  • Painful/bleeding nipples due to improper latch
  • "Colic"
  • Poor weight gain
  • Newborn weight loss
  • Not enough wet/dirty diapers
  • Jaundice
  • Breast engorgement 
  • Supplementation has been suggested by your doctor
  • Seeing no breast changes, concerned about milk coming in.
  • Breastfeeding after previous breast surgery of any kind
  • Desire to breastfeed an adopted/surrogacy baby
  • Breastfeeding success after infertility treatments

"What is it like at The Breastfeeding Clinic?"
  • 1 hour private visits
  • Comfortable soothing home-like environment
  • Soft soothing lighting
  • Relaxing soft music
  • Comfy soft futon seating
  • Soft aromatherapy scents in the room

Visits covered by insurance and billed for you. You pay only your regular co-pay at the time of your visit!

Clinic Address:
6140 S. Ft Apache 
Suite 140
Las Vegas, NV 89148
(On the backside of the building)


To schedule your breastfeeding appointment 
with Tami Schlosser CLC CLE today, please call:

702-61-4KIDS (5437)*
Ask for the Southern Hills location

  • Initial visit with your Foothills Provider is required before your first breastfeeding visit.
  • The Breastfeeding Clinic is NOT open to the public. Open to Foothills families ONLY.
  • Not happy with your current Pediatrician? Consider a Foothills doctor and get access to this wonderful clinic too!

Tami Schlosser CLC CLE, former owner or SNBS.

Come See Tami Today And Get Breastfeeding Off To A Great Start!

702-61-4KIDS (5437)
Ask For The Southern Hills Location